Remembering what NZ represents to the world.

Sebastien Desclee, FCB NZ CEO, with a view of NZ from the outside (as published in the NZ Herald).

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Behind the Work: The Swim Reaper

It's not often a campaign character succeeds when they fail. We look at the success (or should that be failure?) of Water Safety NZ's Swim Reaper, with David Shirley and Melina Fiolitakis.

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Pandemic business lessons.. ...from my Belgian mother-in-law.

Sitting in a Rotorua MIQ has given Sebastien Desclee time for contemplation. As published by the NZ Herald, 07.09.21.

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Keep evolving... ...or end up like Gavin.

After FCB’s 2nd clean sweep in 3 years at the ORCAs, Creative Director David Shirley reflects on what it takes to be original in a medium that’s been around for over 100 years.

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Double banger at the ORCAS 2021

FCB NZ has won both the Grand ORCA and the People’s Choice at the 2021 ORCAs, run by The Radio Bureau.

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