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Drafties 2021 at the Auckland Museum gave us a chance to celebrate the best of the best. After a break in 2020 it was well overdue!

The Drafties are our opportunity to single out the unsung heroes, boat pushers, quiet achievers and all-round amazing team players we have here at FCB.

And the winners are…..

The Collaborator : Philippa McKenzie

Media Group Business Director Philippa’s enthusiasm and passion for delivering amazing work is strongly supported by how she brings people together from all over the agency – not just for good, but great, work.

The Little Upstart(s):

Tony Dediu and Erica Moutter / Will Budgett

So good we named them twice: Tony Dediu, Wellington-based Account Manager, is “the poster child for how to start and progress a very bright future” through his reliable, calm, eager and positive attitude.

Not only but also – the delightful Creative Team of Erica Moutter and Will Budgett, hungry and talented beyond their years, consistently creating great work and winning awards all over the show. Proud of you guys.

The Relentless Improver: Philip Cartwright

Senior Mac Operator Philip Cartwright is always the first to put his hand up to help, not only within the agency but in the big wide world. All this in spite of his high pressure, deadline driven, endj-of-the-line role.

Someone Who Did Something: SJ Ferens

Not only an exceptional Account Director loved by both her clients and FCB teammates, SJ is responsible for kicking off the Global Headspace App subscription initiative, enabling every FCBer around the world to tap into this amazing resource.

Soul Mummy : Lizzie Dean

Our inhouse ray of sunshine, Executive Assistant Lizzie has a contagious positivity, often leading agency initiatives and always with a huge smile on her face, coupled with her trademark wicked sense of humour.

The Boat Pusher: Vlad Petrovic

Data & Tech Consultant Vlad is always pushing his colleagues and clients to not settle for ‘good enough’. His unrelenting efforts have seen the drive of our partner certifications with Salesforce and Marketo. Here’s to pushing boats and brewing beers, Vlad 😉

The Quiet Achiever: Andrew Johnston

Senior Developer “Johnny” Andrew Johnston has a habit of making technology seamless, invisible and smooth, all whilst he works in the background. He delivers with speed, accuracy and a proactive viewpoint, making him a firm favourite with both clients and teammates.

Drafties Hall of Fame: Anne Lipsham

As Head of Strategy for Media, Anne is our ambassador of change and our go-to for so much. As the inagural member of the Drafties Hall of Fame, Anne has been with FCB for many years and championed change for all of them.

Special Recognition: Ben Holmes and Frank Helg

Without this inimitable IT Team behind us, we literally couldn’t do our jobs. Although always insanely busy, Ben and Frank are never too busy to help out when the (micro) chips are down.

Special Recognition: Shiraz Warren

We’re not sure how he does it, but Shiraz manages to keep Wellington Street spic and span with not one complaint. Reliable, efficient, happy to help out and quietly amazing, we have exactly zero idea how we’d cope without him.

Draftie of the Year: Josh O’Neill

What can we say. Those of you who know Josh will be unsurprised at this accolade. Design Lead Josh epitomises everything that’s no-bullshit, straight-up, and let’s do what it takes to make this happen. We love you, Mr O’Neill!