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Maya Angelou
Nominated by Emily Jagger
Senior Account Director
“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
Supreme Court of the United States
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Nominated by Niki Pettifer
Ruth Bader Ginsburg inspired me with her tough resolve to make the world a better place. Through grit and determination she overcame so many challenges and prejudices, while nurturing a loving, balanced relationship with her husband and raising two wonderful children.
Speakers NZ
Dr Farah Palmer
Nominated by Toby Sellers
MD Auckland
Dr Farah Palmer is many things. A Rugby World Cup-winning captain. A national representative for a decade. Associate dean and senior lecturer at the Massey University School of Management. Chair of the New Zealand Māori Rugby board. The first woman to be elected to the New Zealand Rugby board in its 124-history. Dr Palmer is also the overwhelming on favourite to succeed the out-going Brent Impey as chair of New Zealand Rugby at the union’s AGM in April, which would be a historic moment for the sport
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Iris Apfel
Nominated by Chloe Anderws
Senior Account Manager
Iris Apfel, a 99 year old icon Who spent a lifetime collecting fashion and interior treasures from around the world. She has a house full of Christmas decorations all year long (because why not), was one of the first women to ever wear jeans (when only men wore them), and is the oldest person to have a Barbie made in her image. She inspires me me to collect and surround my life with things that inspire me, regardless of trends.
Kamlesh Chahar
Nominated by Poornima Chahar
Senior Search Account Manager
Whenever I find myself in a difficult situation, I look upto her for inspiration. She has overcame some major hurdles and ups and downs in her life and emerged gracefully out of these situations. From taking care of 3 children alone to growing them into 3 successful adults, from stay-at-home mum to starting working in her late 30’s, from learning English language at the age of 37 to learning how to drive at the age of 42, from completely dependent on her family to being independent & successfully raising 3 children. She has never let any situation get the better of her. Fav Quote: “Good things are going to happen. Keep working for what you want & believe in and don’t worry, have faith that it will all work out”
Jenni Kipling
Nominated by Sue Kiplling
GM Strategy
The women who inspires me most is my mum – Jenni Kipling. I had the honour of spending 21 years of my life with her, before she died from breast cancer shortly after my 21st birthday. She was by far the smartest, bravest, kindest and funniest person I have ever known. She was feisty. Super feisty. She taught me to stand up for others, even if that comes at the expense of yourself. (At the tender age of 12 I stepped in the middle of a fist fight for my brother because of this. My brother was not impressed. What I would later discover was that having your younger sister try to fist fight on your behalf is just not cool – who knew?)She taught me to never give up, even when it feels like you can’t go on (so much so that I almost drowned during a swimming race I was determined to win so I could get the victrix ludorum trophy. I didn’t drown. And I did win the trophy. So, it works). And she taught me to care. About something. Anything. Didn’t matter what it was. Just care with all your heart. Because if you don’t have things that matter to you really deeply, you won’t get to really live. She was awesome. I miss her to this day. But if I can get to be just half the person she was, I will be chuffed with that.
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Kate Sheppard
Nominated by Caroline Herbert
Head of Talent & Culture
Kate Sheppard was instrumental in the leading the women’s suffrage movement in NZ,  leading to NZ becoming the first nation in the world in which all women had the right to vote in parliamentary elections in 1893. I feel extremely grateful to have been born in a country where women’s rights to participate equally in politics (due in no small part to the work of Kate Sheppard) were recognised earlier than in many countries throughout the world where women are still not regarded as equal to men in this respect.
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Phoebe Waller-Bridge
Nominated by Tyler Hatt
Front of House
As an aspiring screenwriter, this woman encapsulates everything I aspire to be. Her ability to write in different genres and be a master of it is truly phenomenal. I’d hate for her to be considered “a great female writer,” she’s just a phenomenal writer (and actress) full stop. Thank you, PWB!
Tia Claire Toomey
Tia Claire Toomey
Nominated by Philip Cartwright
Senior Mac Op
4x CrossFit games champion, commonwealth gold medallist in weight lifting, and amazing person
Patsy Torrie
Nominated by Kimberley Torrie
Senior Creative
I’m super biased but seeing mum deputy lead a school of 800 kids & 50 staff, while studying for a Masters degree and raising 2 kids of her own. And doing it all with so much positivity, empathy, creativity & endless energy. That’s pretty inspiring to me.
Simone Veil
Nominated by Marie Taupiac
SEO Account Director
As a French health minister, Simone Veil is best remembered for advancing women's legal rights in France, particularly for the 1975 law that legalized abortion. She was a member of the Constitutional Council, France's highest legal authority, and she was the first female leader of the European Parliament. She was 16 when she got deported from France during World War II  to Auschwitz-Birkenau and Bergen-Belsen and survived it. She later became a lawyer and started her political career.
Debbie Watling
Nominated by Lauren Burton
Head of Hive
This is the inspirational woman in my world who taught me about the power of graciousness, love, ambition and hard work. She inspires me every day to live with gratitude for the life I have been given and to always have compassion for others. She is my mum, and my hero.
Libby, Lucia, Marnie and Cece Keaney
Nominated by Sean Keaney
MD Wellington
They inspire me to be a better person (dad) everyday.
Marco Grob for TIME
Zaha Hadid
Nominated by Paul Shale
Zaha Hadid’s architecture is phenomenal. Some of her buildings cut landscapes. Some warp and flow. In making her ideas real, she not only reimagined glass ceilings but also smashed them. As you can see, she loved wearing black (shout out to Leisa and Hayley). “Luxury is not in the quality of the material but the quality of the space.”
Juian Wasser
Joan Didion
Nominated by Hayley Marks
Senior Copywriter
"What I want to tell you today is not to move into that world where you're alone with yourself and your mantra and your fitness program or whatever it is that you might use to try to control the world by closing it out. I want to tell you to just live in the mess. Throw yourself out into the convulsions of the world".