We recently had our annual internal awards evening, The Drafties. A night where we celebrate and say thank you to all of the amazing people who work at FCB.

These awards are about recognising those who bring initiative, collaboration, innovation, self-improvement, fun and energy to the agency and make it a better place to be.

Here is a showcase of our deserving winners:

Someone Who Did Something

The winner of this award is someone who does many things – Helen North!
The FCB Kids Xmas party is a seriously impressive event, and a highlight of the year for most FCB kids. Helen puts this event together on the smallest budget with the hugest personal effort, all to give back for the many lost opportunities of time together when that work life balance is out of whack. It’s a highlight in the kids calendar and gives parents serious bargaining power at the time of year they need it most. Importantly it is a perfect example of what makes FCB, FCB. Well done Helen.

The Collaborator & our Soul Mommy

The winner of two awards:
The Collaborator, a quote from her entry is the best way to sum this up:

Lena oozes energy and passion – and she shares her thoughts in a way that draws thoughts and ideas out from other people. I feel like when you’re in a team with Lena your chances of getting to something fantastic are pretty bloody great.

We can all learn something from you Lena – congratulations!

The winner of the People’s Choice Award, Soul Mommy, with a quote that aptly sums it up:

Lena, you are so gorgeous inside and out. Energy and positivity exude from you and as said, you take everyone on the ride with you. Never dull, always fun and so kind. Here’s to you special lady – everybody thinks so – people’s choice and what a great one!

The Relentless Improver

The winner of this award is Emilie Watts!

Emilie is the perfect example of someone who has set out to improve herself and this success is something the agency has really benefited from. Not only has she been able to improve in all these areas, she has completely invigorated working relationships and team culture.

Outstanding work and well deserved Emilie!

The Boat Pusher

The winners of this award are the talented creative duo, David Shirley and Melina Fiolitakis, better known as – Shirlina!

We are honoured to have such incredible insights and clever thinking from this team and obviously can’t wait to see what they come up with next. This all comes from an unwillingness to settle and a healthy unsatisfaction with the expected. This is the success of doing different, challenging an audience, yourselves and clients. Very well deserved.

The Little Upstart

The winner of this award is the multi-talented Rachel Berryman!

In just twenty months, this talented young’un has certainly made her presence known – within FCB, to her clients, and across the industry at large. A Little Upstart and serious achiever, relentless in her pursuit for innovation that leads to exceptional results. Take a look at passion, drive, and total care. Congrats to you Rachel.

The Quiet Achiever

The winner of this award is the wonderful Scott Kelly.

Scott is constantly impressing people with what he is capable of on a project. His humility keeps him from saying it himself so we will say it for him – FCB’s work is the best it can be when Scott is part of the journey. He will never seek plaudits or fame for the array of successful campaigns and pitch wins he’s been a part of, which is all the more reason for us to offer him both.

The Judges Award

The winner of this award is the man that never stops – Dan West!

Dan lives, breathes, eats and drinks knowledge whenever he can. This makes FCB stronger. His willingness to help no matter what has been standout. This is what came through during the judging process and it makes absolute sense to us that we celebrate this.

Draftie of the Year

The winner of our most coveted award is Laura Goldie!

Everyone that knows Laura knows how well deserved this is. Laura had no idea she was even entered in to The Drafties, let alone was a contender and now the winner of Draftie of the Year. This is testament to how respected she is, by her team, her peers, her clients.

Laura, we’re honoured to have you as our 2019 Draftie of the Year. Don’t change a thing!