InnoV8 is Vodafone’s brand new, state of the art building in Christchurch. It’s the central hub of the South Island that includes Vodafone’s innovative Xone business space, a retail store and office space for staff.

Our task was to express Vodafone’s brand values in a way that would enhance the environment for Vodafone customers, business partners and staff to enjoy.

A simple, bold and confident design aesthetic, using typography and illustration, was used throughout the whole building to help communicate Vodafone’s brand values.

We also used design to create a link between the building, the land, and the people. So we constructed the Vodafone logo entirely out of timber reclaimed from severely damaged buildings in the Canterbury earthquakes – a powerful symbol that shows Vodafone’s commitment to the area, and to the rebuilding process. And to further the link between the brand, the building and the land– Harakeke flax, a special symbol for the local Iwi, is used as a reoccurring motif.

These design aesthetics were rolled out through the entire building, creating a vibrant workspace that has with Vodafone’s brand values front and centre for everyone in the building to enjoy.


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