Get Over Your X

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When it’s time for a new phone, many New Zealanders just ‘sleepwalk’ into their next upgrade. Even when they aren’t particularly happy with the product.

To encourage more people to make the switch to Samsung, we showed them how easy it is to ‘Get Over Your X.’

Apple fans see making the switch to Samsung as a painful, drawn-out process. This fear stops them switching, even if they’re not overly happy with Apple.

We demonstrate to iPhone users just how quickly you can switch from iPhone to Galaxy. Probably the same time it will take them to get over their relationship with Apple.

In a short content piece, we exaggerate the grieving process an Apple user might go through when switching from iPhone to Samsung, but comically – the drama is all over in 9 minutes.

In the emotion of it all, the niggles of their past ‘relationship’ with Apple will also rise to the surface. Things they’d never experience with Samsung.


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