Oat the Goat

New Zealand has some of the highest rates of bullying in the OECD. To tackle this FCB and the Ministry of Education developed a campaign targeted at children during their transition to primary school.

By combining a classic storybook format with the interactive possibilities of digital media, we immersed children and their families in the animated world of ‘Oat the Goat’. Set from the perspective of a bystander, the reader was empowered to become involved in the decisions faced by the main character ‘Oat’ when he encountered bullying.

Brighter Money

With all five of New Zealand’s bank notes due for a refresh, it was important to educate the New Zealand public on the need for new notes and highlight the importance of the new innovative security.

Our objective was to design an experience that would create trust with the New Zealand public and showcase The Reserve Bank of NZ’s innovative and forward thinking approach to future proofing our kiwi currency.

With people being so used to the tactile experience of holding notes, the challenge was to design an interactive experience that was both memorable and engaging.

The design would entice New Zealanders to re-examine the historical and cultural points of interest on their bank notes and appreciate their importance alongside the technology – to see the new notes as a cohesive whole.

This interactive experience used innovative design thinking to create an educational platform and helped shift perceptions, getting people to think beyond just the monetary value of the notes.

The Lowdown

The Lowdown has been helping teenagers struggling with depression for the past decade. But it was time to move on – teens are more aware of the issue now and just want to cut to the chase.

We created a design language that empathised with the way they felt, using warts-and-all photography and colour system. It also let us encourage them into action, with easy self-help tips that worked for our mobile-first audience. All capped off with a new logo that captured this new sense of ‘progress’. The result was a contemporary tool to help teams get through the shit times.

The Journal

Despite reaching a record level of awareness about depression, most people weren’t doing anything to deal with it.

We knew information alone would not create the behaviour change necessary for self-help strategies to be an effective treatment.

FCB led a coalition of partners to create The Journal – an online programme that taught people the skills and helped put them into action. It was the first self-help solution in the world to integrate advertising, e-learning and live support services.