Drop Zone 10

DropZone 10 Teaser

Galaxy S10 | S10+ Launch

The Samsung Galaxy S10 unlocks the previously unachievable for Kiwis. We put the Epic Shot Camera to the test, capturing the length of a basketball court in a single shot.

Silver linings

This direct response campaign for Onechoice flips traditional storytelling by using a eulogy to deliver the product benefits, while focusing on the emotional reactions of the benefactor.

S9+ Launch

Create excitement, conversation and generate greater awareness of the Note 9, to drive pre-order conversion.

Volunteer Recruitment

Small Steps – Painting

More than half of New Zealanders will experience mental distress at some point in their lives.

The National Depression Initiative needed to support these Kiwis to get to a place of mental wellbeing. Research showed we needed to motivate our audience to take control of their mental health – a particularly huge challenge when depression and anxiety elicits quite the opposite response. However, our small steps campaign did just that, with 66% of New Zealanders motivated by it.

Drop Zone 9

When it’s time for a new phone, many New Zealanders just ‘sleepwalk’ into their next upgrade. Even when they're not particularly happy with the product.

Leveraging Samsung’s exclusive Fortnite deal, we kicked things off the same way the game does – by parachuting in. We shared social posts showing the Note9 skydiving and landing somewhere in New Zealand. Then with a series of follow up posts we gave Kiwis some clues to work out where it was – and (for the lucky first) keep it.

The activation started with an awareness phase which included social video content, static posts and radio assets. Once the activation was underway, a series of posts with maps honed in on the location of the Note9 as well as clues given away in short form content on social. This all led to the Note9 being found and a winners post placed on Social.