Like John Key and Ponytails

Nestlé has launched a campaign to celebrate that ever-so-Kiwi tradition of mixing Nestlé Reduced Cream and Maggi Onion Soup, for the purpose of dunking chips.

“The Original Kiwi Dip”, as it’s called, has become an iconic piece of New Zealand culture over the years. But, times change and this classic needed a little reinvigorating to combat the wide range of readymade dips available to shoppers. With that in mind, FCB took some liberties with the packaging of the two ingredients, creating an OOH and social campaign, which didn’t shy away from the fact that this is a dip that requires some assembly; it celebrates it.  

“The Makings of a Classic” campaign focuses on the insight that we New Zealanders have a secret language – a shorthand – that no one else understands. With two simple ingredients we can conjure up an iconic story in a fellow-Kiwi’s head. Think: a policeman and a pie; Suzanne Paul and ‘thousands of luminous spheres’; Levi Hawken and his broken scooter; or maybe Tana Umaga and a handbag?

New Zealanders know the classic pieces of culture created by putting each of these pairings together without the loop being closed for them. Just like Nestlé Reduced Cream and Maggi Onion Soup…they’re the makings of a classic.

The campaign, which started in in the lead-up to Christmas, gave FCB and Nestlé the opportunity to team up with British illustrator Vanessa Dell, who’s work has appeared in legendary publications such as Rolling Stone magazine.

Tony Clewett, Executive Creative Director at FCB commented, “I love that it so blatantly appeals to my Kiwiness. If you’re not from New Zealand, you just won’t get it – just like the dip. Big-ups to Nestlé for doing such an unconventional FMCG campaign.

“Most advertisers would take a photo of a glistening bowl of dip next to some celery and go, ‘Job done!’ To trust us to change their packaging, and then create something that doesn’t show the end product – something that credits the audience with the intelligence to join the dots – is both smart and brave.”