FCB has launched a new series of TVCs for Summerset which take a fresh look at the pre-conceptions of retirement villages.

The dynamic 15’ and 30’ spots aim to turn the stereotypes on their head, showing Summerset residents enjoying all the retirement village has to offer and living life to the fullest.

Summerset CEO Julian Cook said, “Our residents are the life blood of our villages and lead rich and varied lives, and we encourage this through the options, services, and levels of care we offer for all stages of their lives.”

Sean Keaney, FCB’s General Manager of Wellington, commented on some of the stories that the agency were drawn to. “One resident has taught piano since the age of 18 and continues to do so from her villa in her Summerset village.

“Another resident, took up athletics six years ago, since then they have won five gold medals, been ranked 6th in the world and went to Spain for World Masters Athletics Championship.

“These are great examples of Summerset residents living their best lives within and outside of their village. We used the inspiration from these stories and many others to shape our campaign to communicate a message of community, friendship and freedom.”

The TVCs are part of a wider campaign and follow a brand refresh last year.