to keep their Christmas secrets, secret.

NZ Post has launched a new Christmas campaign, which is a charming celebration of the little white lies it’s only acceptable to tell at Christmas.

After all, we all want to make sure there’s no spoilers before the big day.

In the playful tale we watch a New Zealand Post courier helping to keep the magic of Christmas alive, by conspiring with a family’s game of Secret Santa. The endearing courier goes above and beyond to keep their ho ho secrets, hush hush. Their covert exchanges are all brought to life with a little help from a classic Fleetwood Mac track, sung by a local choir for bonus festive points.

With more and more Kiwis doing their Christmas shopping online, who better to help keep ho ho hush hush than the company delivering the most presents through the country, New Zealand Post.

Our objective for this campaign is to increase brand saliency for NZ Post as a parcel delivery business and to connect our brand to that key and often emotional moment of receiving a parcel from online shopping, whether it’s a parcel for yourself or a loved one.

Sarah Sandoval, GM Consumer Marketing & Brand, NZ Post

The Ho Ho Hush Hush theme continues from the 60” TVC right through to 45” and 15” cut-downs, out of home, social, and even onto courier vans.

Love the insight around telling harmless porky-pies in the lead up to Xmas; love the not-so-subtle humour of the nose grows and secret exchanges; and love how it changes emotive gears the moment our hero’s questioned over his Xmas spirit. Of course, nothing happens and our iconic Kiwi postie passes with flying colours.”

Tony Clewett, Chief Creative Officer, FCB

The campaign launched across TV, out of home, social, and even onto courier vans last night and will be running from 3 November to 21st December.