A piece of cake.

By Waqas Khokhar, Data & Tech Consultant

Earlier this year, Google announced its plan to phase out support for third-party cookies in the Chrome web browser, leaving a lot of marketers scratching their heads, wondering what the effects will be on their targeted marketing efforts. Safari and Firefox have already blocked third-party cookies and the Google phase-out is planned to be final within the next two years.

Whilst collecting third party data has its benefits, its demise doesn’t mean marketers are suddenly driving blind. And there are upsides: for one thing, data breach risks will be reduced. Successful data utilization and targeting is possible using the richest of all data sources: first party.

It never fails to surprise me how many organizations ignore the importance of their own, first party data. Many businesses are either (a) not collecting their first party data properly, or (b) failing to effectively analyze and utilize the data they do collect.

Merely collecting the data itself is not enough: how the data is analyzed and utilized to drive business outcomes is key. This creates a need for businesses to partner with data-driven smart digital agencies who can provide an end-to-end solution to capture, analyze, activate and measure the relevant data.

Here at FCB, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of a data driven digital media landscape by helping clients not only collect their first party data effectively but utilize it more efficiently to attain business goals in a smarter way.

We are building intelligence ecosystems for our clients that do not solely rely on 3rd party cookies, but take the game to the next level by augmenting first party data, second party data and market data with near real-time signals, resulting in rich and insightful audience definitions.

We develop “intelligence engines” to create addressable audience segments, activating them in market- led media platforms. We then measure and optimize against them using Smartsights (an FCB proprietary interactive dashboard tool which creates actionable insights).

So, instead of considering the demise of third party data as a serious setback in the quest to perfectly understand audiences, we believe it could be the nudge required to help marketers embrace and properly use their precious first party data. If navigated alongside a good digital agency, the farewell to 3rd party cookies should be a piece of cake.