FCB Media has rolled out a multi-layered media campaign to support the return of New World’s Little Garden. The agency has developed a number of innovative media formats including ‘daily watering moments’ which is a New Zealand first.

The initiative, which was created through a partnership with Metservice, forms contextual feeds based on daily weather data for each region synching to live sunset and sunrise times, which happen to be the optimum watering times. Android users also receive push notifications to their mobile to remind them to water their seedlings before they leave the house for the day. The aim is to instigate more long-term gardening habits amongst New Zealanders.

Stephanie Pyne, Group Retail Marketing Manager for Foodstuffs New Zealand says, “Little Garden is for little kids and big kids so we need to be across many different media channels to reach all of New Zealand’s Little Gardeners. It’s awesome to spread the love and have some fun. Turning traditional media like a billboard into somewhere bees can live is pretty cool, as are digital banners where people can virtually grow a flower. There’s more to come as we roll out other fun surprises throughout the promotion”.

“At the heart of the campaign, we wanted to showcase the possibilities of gardening and inspire everyone to give it a go. We found that while most people liked the idea of gardening and growing things, they tend to give up.  We applied this insight to our media thinking to help keep our little gardeners invested in their seedlings which will hopefully see it through to the harvesting stage.” Says Pauline So, Account Director at FCB Media.

The agency has also produced a number of other ways to creatively communicate the campaign’s message such as, ‘down the garden path’ newspaper ad-paths which lead readers to this year’s Little Garden seedlings range; watermelon scratch and sniff ads in Woman’s Day; a beehive Snap Chat lens and a large-scale bee house billboard. The bee house, which was commissioned by New World and FCB Media, can house over 750 leaf cutter bee cocoons and will be donated in early October.

New World have also partnered with some award-winning Kiwi bloggers and vloggers to provide some non-expert gardening advice including Maria Foy from Happy Mum Happy Child, Jordan Rondel at The Caker and Jordan Watson aka How To Dad. Watson puts a comical spin on gardening with his daughters in his ‘How to get kids to eat vegetables’ video which has been trending at number 6 on YouTube New Zealand.

The Little Garden campaign was launched on Monday 4 September and will run over 6 weeks.