The Ministry of Education (MOE) has launched two heartwarming TVCs via FCB. The ads form part of the ‘become a teacher’ campaign which focuses on what really motivates teachers.

Using two real life stories, the TVCs showcase the important life skills, such as kindness, self-confidence and resilience, that teachers impart on their students alongside academic learning.

The stories, one in English and one in te reo Māori, show the small but profound moments that give teachers real meaning to their work. It’s these moments that are often unseen by the public.

Tony Clewett, Executive Creative Director FCB said, “The campaign highlights the positive influence teachers can have on children’s lives, showing the value they bring well beyond their expertise in classroom lessons. It was a privilege to bring to life two of the many amazing true stories that we uncovered during the project.”

MOE spokesperson Pauline Cleaver said, “We know good teachers make a huge difference to a child’s life and learning, and that the work they do has profound importance for current and future generations.

“We’ve been updating earlier evidence on what motivates people to teach as we work to lift teacher supply. The teachers involved in that work all recounted stories of daily instances where their teaching had a profound impact on a students’ life and learning, and that these are the experiences that motivate them to teach.

“We’re highlighting the impact of these elements of teaching – after all, most people can recall a teacher who was a positive influence on their life.”