Marketing personalisation simplified.

James McMullan, Head of Digital Projects

In current marketing terms, one size definitely doesn’t fit all.

In today’s modern marketing landscape, customers and consumers alike have come to expect a certain level of personalisation from the brands and organisations marketing to them. Individualised experiences abound and the statistics backing up the effectiveness of personalization are beyond compelling.

“67% of consumers think it’s important for brands to automaticaly adjust content based on current context”


Context and content must be strategically considered concurrently – and consistently – across platforms, mediums, and messaging structures.

As a recent McKinsey report reveals; “data driven personalisation as the core factor marketing and sales decisions can improve marketing ROI by 15% to 20%”.

The question now isn’t ‘should we?’ it’s ‘how do we?’ achieve mass personalisation without the process becoming laborious and costly?

Hello, BOB.

Enter BOB, FCB NZ’s proprietary personalization platform which puts our clients and the brands we work alongside firmly in the proverbial driver’s seat when it comes to personalisation at scale.

With BOB for banners, templates are built to serve product and price, tactical messaging or retargeting – allowing clients to add creative messaging and imagery just once – so it can generate multiple-sized executions. No more time and money spent rolling out endless versions.

BOB’s evolved to pull together HTML templates, with content served using AWS cloud servers and direct integration into Double Click Studio, taking all the heavy lifting out of campaign set ups and letting agencies, media and clients focus on the more important tasks of strategy, creative and relevancy.

BOB’s speed and ease of use means you can create high volumes of creative variations, opening up large scale testing or personalized creative and relevancy based on location, weather, social chatter, local house prices – basically, if there’s a data source BOB can connect via APIs and use it to generate live dynamic messaging.

If you can build an audience, BOB can serve up customized creative for that audience. Add to this a CPM model of pricing and you effectively have an all-you-can-eat product. You can produce as many different creative executions as you want – without being charged for each one.

Whilst BOB was created to make banners at volume, its dynamic capability works anywhere including out of home billboards – producing hyper local relevant messaging, and using multiple data sets to allow you to stretch the possibilities of how billboards talk: from an audience of one to an audience of thousands.

A recent example of BOB at work is the Electoral Commission campaign to use out of home billboards across the country to point out every voting booth in this COVID-impacted time.

Utilising the technology that drives BOB’s efficiency and efficacy, we’ve been able to intelligently display 2804 voting booths across 293 billboards. As every booth opens and closes, the OOH changes.

This all adds up to 4,231 different creative states and 16,048 changes across 2 weeks! This would have been an impossible production task using traditional approaches, but it is now a reality thanks to BOB.

The utilisation of innovative technology to achieve a genuine and useful task for a nationally important purpose during a critical time is something we’re chuffed about.

Teaching you to fish

Different clients use BOB in different ways but one thing most love is the ability to take control themselves.

Creating and managing display media using BOB is done either with an easy-to-use dashboard or a simple spreadsheet. No developer resource is required and FCB provide full training that lets clients self-serve.

Why use up your personalization budget on the basics when you can get a headstart on optimization?

BOB’s smart and open minded

Some of the most successful uses of BOB have been creating dynamic smart remarketing campaigns, allowing the media dollars to work harder and more strategically.

And speaking of optimization, BOB is on a continuous self improvement mission – the most recent evolution has seen us establish integrations with Datorama that allow creative to continually self optimize based on real conversions – not just click throughs.

In a post 3rd party cookie landscape BOB also allows clients to remarket directly into Facebook and Instagram, using their connect API’s.

So, you can see why we’re proud of this addition to the FCB NZ family. A tool to help our clients reach every corner of their market with relevant and dynamic messaging, using a simple and intuitive interface that they can drive themselves, customized to their specific requirements. What’s not to love?

For more information on BOB, get in touch.