FCB New Zealand has won a Gold Pin in the Colour Award Graphics category for their ‘Made from Remains’ campaign at the Best Design Awards.

Although successful in the category that traditionally celebrates multi-colour design, the campaign consisted of just one, ash-black.

The unique colour, which was achieved through a combination of black newspaper ink and ash, was created to deliver the campaign’s message of the importance of working smoke alarms.

Each double page newspaper spread told the harrowing real-life stories of house fires across New Zealand, all printed with the charred remains of burnt family homes. The intention was to leave a physical impression as well as an emotional one, as the ash-black print left a mark on the readers’ hands.

James Mok, Executive Creative Director at FCB New Zealand said, “It’s easy to think of press as a very traditional medium so it was brilliant to collaborate with the national and regional newspapers to achieve this innovative way to engage their readers about the desperate need for working smoke alarms. I can’t thank them enough and the results speak for themselves – the biggest uplift in smoke alarms sales ever.”