Farmers has engaged FCB New Zealand to focus on evolving their brand strategy. The initial manifestation of which will be a new brand TV ad for Christmas – the first of this style of advertising for the iconic Kiwi retailer.

Farmers’ Head of Marketing Dean Cook said, “This is a very important stage in the evolution of our marketing. We want to reinforce the role Farmers plays in numerous moments throughout New Zealanders’ lives, and has played for over 100 years. We chose FCB for their proven strategic leadership, and ability to connect emotionally with New Zealanders.”

FCB Chief Strategist David Thomason said, “It’s a huge honour. Like most Kiwis, our team grew up with the brand, but today Farmers are even more successful and relevant than ever. No brand is more deserving of advertising that New Zealand loves.”

Creative development was led by FCB ECD Tony Clewett. “We wanted to find a fresh way of portraying the spirit of giving at Christmas, but in that Kiwi, low-key, don’t-get-too-carried-away kind of way. We wanted Farmers to be part of the story.”

The 60 second story was directed by Andrew Lang for The Sweet Shop, and features an impressive character performance from another Kiwi icon, actor Ian Mune. Clewett enjoyed the collaborative process.

“It was a pleasure to have a legend like Ian come on the journey. Besides making our jobs easy, nailing take after take, he also offered up suggestions of his own that made it into the final edit.”

Group Account Director Toby Sellers adds, “The whole team was super-energised about this amazing opportunity, and I think it shows. When clients have tears in their eyes at the final screening you get the sense we might have made that emotional connection.”