new General Manager of Strategy

FCB has today confirmed the appointment of Sue Gill to General Manager - Strategy, partnering with David Thomason to lead the strategy team. She will also be responsible for key clients such as Samsung.

Gill joins FCB after a three year stint in New York City, working at Sullivan where she focused on brand strategy and digital transformation.

Sue Gill

This included collaborating with B2B organizations including Twitter, Millennium (10th largest Wall Street Hedge Fund), Columbia Law School and Duke University to help improve marketing performance, from brand positioning and communications to digital experience and integration.

Commenting on her appointment, Sue said, “I am extremely privileged to have worked around the globe, and have enjoyed a diverse, eclectic and interesting career so far. With my return to NZ, FCB’s integrated model offered me the best opportunity to continue to put that experience into practice here in New Zealand. 

“I believe powerful outcomes are the result of a deep understanding of human motivation and behaviour, so FCB’s philosophy and approach as The Change Agency really resonated with me. I am looking forward to building strong relationships that lead to business success.”

David Thomason, Chief Strategist at FCB said, “Sue’s a super-experienced Strategist that climbs right to the top rung of a challenge and quickly brings fresh perspective. Just a few weeks in and she’s already impressed all by doing exactly that on a very high-profile new business challenge. (We won).”

Sue starts her new position with immediate effect.