walk into a room.

Yin & yang. Salty & sweet. Fire & water. Chalk & cheese. Britney & Xtina.

There’s something inherently beautiful about the interplay between different flavours, disciplines & ideas. When two seemingly different ends of a spectrum come together creatively, magic happens.

In this video Executive Creative Director Peter Vegas, and our Head of Tech & Data Qassem “Q” Naim sit down together to discuss the sometimes weird, but always gratifying, experiment that is the amalgamation of creativity and data.

As they talk, both point out the underlying symmetries and possibilities that occur when Data and Creative, two seemingly contrasting disciplines, come together. They also touch upon the importance of having multi-disciplinary teams.

The key takeaways?

  • It’s imperative to find and invite people with different skill-sets to “sit at the table” at one time if you’re looking for more impactful & nuanced solutions to creative problems.
  • Get to know what each other does! When you understand the key role of your colleagues & the superpowers they possess, it’s easy to build depth in a creative solution quickly.
  • Utilise data to turn it into insights that help clients and stakeholders connect to key audiences across all solutions.
  • A big, juicy, amazing creative idea is the glue that holds together all campaign stories and user journeys.