That results don’t come from understanding media, they come from understanding people.

People’s behaviour changes business. Media helps create that change.

That’s why we put people first.

Not channels. Not technology. Not gadgets. Not gizmos. People. It’s a pretty simple belief.

And it’s a belief that drives everything we do:

Our Services reflect the holistic way people experience brands.

  • Digital.  Our digital team are the most highly awarded in New Zealand, with leading specialisms across digital display, mobile, paid search and SEO. As the divide between “traditional” and “digital” media fast becomes irrelevant, this digital expertise is integrated across all client teams.
  • Social Media.  We have one of the largest and most experienced social media teams in New Zealand. They offer a full spectrum social media service, from strategy through to content planning, implementation and long term community management.
  • PR.  Earned media has never been more pervasive or powerful, which is why we offer full service consumer and corporate PR in-house. One of New Zealand’s most recognised standalone PR and Activation teams in their own right.
  • Content.  The boundaries between entertainment and advertising are blurring, so we’ve built a specialist content division to concept, create and manage content strategies. Backed by unique production partnerships and an in-house production suite, this globally awarded team are at the forefront of content marketing in New Zealand.
  • Performance Marketing.  Our digital trading desk combines market-leading scale with data-driven insight to deliver optimal business returns for our clients.
  • Activation, Event & Sponsorships.  Creating experiences that meaningfully connect people to brands can be critical in creating change. Our in-house team can concept, produce, manage, amplify and leverage these experiences to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • CRM & Direct Marketing.  Whether acquiring or retaining customers, our direct marketing team can identify the right time, place and messaging to drive the most valuable business outcomes. Our team has extensive CRM and direct marketing experience, including strategic relationship marketing, loyalty marketing strategy, email marketing strategy and implementation, testing, measurement and evaluation planning.

Our communication planning process – puts people, not channels, first.

  • People don’t just experience brands through paid advertising or the explicit messages they often carry. So unlike many media agencies we don’t just focus here.
  • Our approach organises brand experiences in a more holistic way, identifying the right combination of channels, content and behaviour to drive business success.
  • In combination with our in-house expertise across Content, Social Media, Activation & PR, we’re uniquely able to turn these strategies into powerful real-world experiences.

Our research & insights – uncover how people actually behave.

  • People aren’t as rational or predictable as we’d all like to think. In fact, people are often the poorest judges of their own behaviour.
  • That’s why we’ve invested in a research platform that observes real people rather than relying on claimed behaviour. The Street™ provides real time access to over 6,000 New Zealanders, allowing us to observe and test how the nation thinks, feels and behaves at any time.
  • Alongside The Street, our Marketing Sciences™ team provide data-driven insight based on known brand and consumer behaviour. Their services range from correlation analysis through to attribution and econometric modelling.
  • In combination with FCB’s suite of proprietary research that includes Cultural Codes (an ethnographic study of New Zealandness), ShopThink (a retail behaviour study) and Mind & Mood (a qualitative insight process) this offers us unparalleled access to how people think, feel and behave.

Our internal culture – puts people first

  • We prioritise our people, their development and their happiness.
  • Our training scheme is market-leading, offering over 30 opportunities for further development to each employee every year. We also recognise and incentivise excellence through “The Drafties”, our internal awards scheme.
  • Everyone is provided with an individual personal development pathway programme. They meet with their team lead on a bi-monthly basis to discuss its progress along with any other development goals, ambitions and general happiness.