The Mitre 10 Team
Shout out to the powerhouse wāhines on the Mitre 10 team. These ladies inspire me every day with their effortless hard work and always providing a good time!

Freya Drawbridge
Freya demonstrates inclusiveness and non judgment, is strong in character and always sees the best in people

Tai Nimo
Tai is such a ray of sunshine. A talented artist passionate about cultural identity within her art practice, I admire Tai for making the decision to stay true to herself leaving a job that required her to commercialise it. Love her big smile and enormous empathy, in her spare time Tai is out helping in the community. One of life’s truly beautiful people.

Agata Ziemianska
Aggie’s resilience and determination is second to none. Not only overcoming a recent health issue, but her relentless desire to push better digital thinking across the agency is truly inspiring.

An incredible, strong, personable and smart human, Aggie is a media powerhouse with a never give up attitude. It’s been pretty amazing watching Aggie over the last year, I have a huge amount of respect for this lady.

Vivien Bridgwater
This wāhine toa is a force to be reckoned with and brings mana with her wherever she goes. She challenges and guides us in her own calm, gentle and unique style, encouraging us to bring our authentic selves to work every day.

Leisa Wall
I’m inspired by her incredible talent, vision and sense of humour. Also, not easy handling Vegas but she does well to keep him in check!

Leisa is an amazing wāhine toa, who is selfless, passionate and demonstrates the height of integrity.

Creative powerhouse, loving mum to her 2 girls, huge ups for Leis, huge respect

I hope I’m the 10000th person to mention Leisa, because her love and empathy spreads to every corner of FCB. She’s caring and strong, authentic and approachable, professional yet goofy – I love watching her authentic style in such a senior leadership role.

Leisa is a true leader who keeps everyone under her wing! She leads the creative department and agency like a legend and knows how to get the best out of us all. I love having this woman around and always learn so much from her and feel extra confidence that she’s always in our corner. She is also a lady chief at home to her daughters and skater boy husband Nick who have the best mum out!

Luz Valanzasca
This lady is the brains, grit and determination behind much of our agency’s profit! Luz is relentless in her pursuit of excellence and is an amazing human to boot. I admire her care, passion and drive and am thankful to the contribution she makes to our business everyday. Outside her work, her friends and family are so lucky to have this ‘light’ in their lives. (Luz = light in Spanish, FYI)

Lauren Brokenshire
Lauren is always there to lend a hand to anyone. Plus, her drag game is STRONG.

Philippa Allnutt
Ms Sweet Chilli Phili, I admire your leadership across the agency, your team and clients as well as your ability to collaborate across the agency.

Gabrielle Wocke
A quiet achiever with wisdom beyond her years.

Sarah Macauley
Part cheerleader, part counsellor and all-round great gal, Sarah has a lot of empathy for everyone she deals with. She also has a wicked sense of humour!

Emily Jagger
Emily is the gold standard for Suits.

Lizzie Dean
Lizzie is inspiring, selfless and has a generosity of spirit that is unrivalled.

Infectious smile, contagious chuckle, sees the good in everyone and the light hearted side of any situation. Lizzie is most definitely a glass half full vs a glass half empty kind of gal. Lizzie makes you feel good on the daily.

Scarlett Harvey
Scarlett is an Unflappable Queen, rubber arm, strategic and smart … an inspiration to all in Media.

Siobhan Vassell
Always has your back. Can-do attitude, hard working and loyal.

Terri Collier
Terri is an absolute media powerhouse and all-round genuine person. She gives all of herself to the team, every day. She listens, she cares, she finds solutions and she creates confidence.

Terri has an unlimited capacity to deal with pressure, while truly caring about people and being fully present every step of the way. She is an outstanding mother, an irreplaceable friend, and the best leader. She is incredibly clever, has an admirable ability to listen and guide, and a confidence that can be contagious. She inspires so many people in so many ways, and I am so fortunate to have her impacting my life daily for so many years now 😊

Caroline Herbert
The perfect combination of logic and empathy, I really respect the way Caro calmly approaches every situation and never gets ruffled. She puts the Human in HR, and she genuinely cares about the FCB whanau’s health and wellbeing.

Vikki Cheng
Vikki is so damn cool. Happy, bubbly, creative and talented. Big admiration for Vikki not only working full time smashing it in creative dept in her Senior Art Director role, but her side hustle Insta Influencer and blogging is next level. Not to mention Drag King extraordinaire!

Anne Lipsham
This woman is seriously smart. When it comes to Media Strategy, you want Anne on your side. She’s also very funny and juggles all the things while making it look oh-so-easy (I’m sure it’s not!)

Grace Jones
I’m inspired by Grace’s positivity: her glass is always half full. A lovely kind-natured personality.

Helen North
Helen’s been here for a long time now and still has a huge smile on her dial, and the loudest laugh in the agency

Helen has been known to put up with an exceptional amount of BS and always does so with a smile. She’s easy going, a hard working studio superstar, and overall just crack-up.

Helen North is such an inspiration. She is a powerhouse of laughs, love, swears & squeals. Helen puts her all into FCB everyday to keep Studio running smoothly while juggling being an awesome mum to her 2 legged & 4 legged babies. She is incredibly creative, supportive and has a wealth of knowledge (to guide you in your work & personal life!!). It’s never dull with Helen around – you’re guaranteed a laugh till you cry tale or a ‘blow your mind’ life story from Helen!

Pauline So
Becoming a mama in our industry can be a little daunting, having to juggle family, agency family and clients is a fine art and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Pauline! She's a powerful, smart and respected business woman and she's the most caring, kind beautiful mama. She NAILS the juggle and mentors the rest of us through it.

Amanda Langkilde
There are so very many inspirational, amazing women at FCB but I have to specifically mention my incredible Boss, Friend, Judge, Jury and Executioner (the last three are always on my behalf I swear 😊). Amanda truly is one amazing woman who I admire greatly. She is always calm, cool and collected and everyone listens & respects her from within the agency and industry. She supports our team with kindness, encouragement, trust and respect. I couldn’t ask for a better person to work beside. I honestly feel incredibly lucky to have her not only as a team leader but also a friend, who has the best sense of humour (Wednesday Adams style), great advice professionally and personally and who also entertains me with all her online purchases. I love this lady!

Liz Roebeck
Brilliant at her job. Super organised and efficient. Great communicator. Always pleasant and happy.

Niki Pettifer
Niki is a true inspiration on so many levels. Always cool, calm and collected. Tough when she needs to be, but full of empathy at the same time. Sees the bigger picture, but can also help with the detail (and doesn’t mind getting stuck in to help a ‘pleb’ like me!). Goes above and beyond constantly, which I think a lot of people don’t see. Really helped me on a personal and professional level with some pretty huge challenges and does that with so many others.

Laura Goldie
Laura takes everything in her stride, cool and calm. She helps make those around her feel at ease.

Team Wellington
A shout out to the exceptional women of Wellington who bring wicked smarts, heaps of fun, and so much aroha to our little office. We are so lucky.

Jane Wardlaw
An impressive leader, appears to juggle so much. And she keeps it real!