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Destination Shoots

The Debt Collector

Drop Zone 10

DropZone 10 Teaser

Galaxy S10 | S10+ Launch

The Samsung Galaxy S10 unlocks the previously unachievable for Kiwis. We put the Epic Shot Camera to the test, capturing the length of a basketball court in a single shot.

Silver linings

This direct response campaign for Onechoice flips traditional storytelling by using a eulogy to deliver the product benefits, while focusing on the emotional reactions of the benefactor.

Volunteer Recruitment

Small Steps – Painting

More than half of New Zealanders will experience mental distress at some point in their lives.

The National Depression Initiative needed to support these Kiwis to get to a place of mental wellbeing. Research showed we needed to motivate our audience to take control of their mental health – a particularly huge challenge when depression and anxiety elicits quite the opposite response. However, our small steps campaign did just that, with 66% of New Zealanders motivated by it.