NZTA Waka Kotahi: Last Line of Defence

This campaign, titled "Delusions of Safety", raises awareness of the critical importance of vehicle safety, asking New Zealanders the simple question: can your car protect you in a crash?

Encouraging Kiwis to question vehicle safety and check both their own, and their loved ones, car safety ratings at, it delivers the vital message that not all cars are built the same, and vehicle safety is paramount in protecting lives in the event of a crash.

Something Like That

The story of a NZ Post courier driver and his very special delivery.

The task was two-fold: get Kiwis to choose NZ Post when sending their parcels across the country, and furthermore, create awareness and education around its superior ‘courier’ delivery option. So along came a story about a very unique sort of relationship.

Waka Kotahi: More to Lose

Based on the central truth that if physically crashing and getting caught isn’t enough of a disincentive to drinking and driving, "More to Lose" aims to reframe the consequences of drink driving.

These consequences are more realistic, but no less emotionally impactful. Because if putting lives at risk and loss of licence is not enough of a disincentive, losing respect and mana as a man, partner, father, son, employee, and pride of the family, certainly is.

Electoral Commission: Māori Electoral Option

A campaign for the Electoral Commission, created in partnership with our friends at RUN Aotearoa.

FCB Aotearoa, RUN Aotearoa and the Electoral Commission have worked together to create an awareness campaign around significant changes to the Māori Electoral Option.

Sand Unity Kotahitanga builds on previous Māori Electoral Option campaigns centred around The Sandman aka artist Marcus Winter (Te Roroa, Ngāpuhi), who creates whakairo-inspired artworks using the medium of sand. This time, Marcus is out of his small studio, and surrounded by space, light and friends, all participating in making one of his jaw dropping creations on a giant lightbox.

…delivering more

NZ Post delivers a new brand identity and campaign.

New Zealand Post delivers more parcels than any other courier service in the country. Yet, understandably, many New Zealanders still associate the brand primarily with mail.

With the wide range of innovative delivery services New Zealand Post offers today, and the spectacular growth of online shopping, this brand issue had become a barrier to growth.

Sarah Sandoval GM Consumer Marketing and Brand says:

“We’re more than a mail delivery business on the inside and how we look and communicate needed to reflect that. Customer research and insights showed that our brand salience linked to parcel delivery was low and fragmented branding was causing confusion in market. The need for change was clear and we developed a strategic direction to align under NZ Post to future proof our brand. With 182 years of heritage, enduring trust and a longstanding relationship with communities across the country our objective was to connect this to the future of our business. We wanted to show New Zealand that the world has changed, and we’ve changed with it to better facilitate their needs.”

A new brand identity was also designed to create a quantum shift in perceptions, created by Arch MacDonnell and Toby Curnow of design agency Inhouse.

The launch campaign is designed to connect with consumers but also, very importantly, the many New Zealand businesses that regularly use delivery services.

NZ Post and FCB wanted to create a creative platform that heroes the new brand for audiences, doesn’t just say ‘we’ve changed our logo’, shows how we’re delivering more and would also stand the test of time.

Leisa and Vegas, FCB ECDs are excited to share this new work with NZ

“We can’t wait to share the next chapter in the adventures of our much loved NZ Post courier. In this new campaign he’ll be joined by some charming and curious neighbourhood kids to create some delightful storytelling – a series which will be rolled out to the New Zealand public over the next couple of years.”

Leisa Wall and Peter Vegas, FCB Executive Creative Directors

Feed the Love

Wattie’s latest brand campaign invites Kiwis to “feed the love” using their iconic products to deliver the message.

It’s a celebration of the little moments,” says ECD Leisa Wall. “We break bread with those we care about most and in that simple gesture, we say a lot. We might not literally speak the words ‘I care about you’, but we don’t have to. That moment and the offering of food says it all.”

The campaign tells a series of stories – each an affectionate moment between friends or family. And each very much a case of actions speaking louder than words. The characters leave a lot unsaid, but by switching out their well-known product labels for expressions of affection, Wattie’s let us in on what they’re really saying.

Wattie’s Head of Marketing, Kiri Hyde says, “Wattie’s has been known and loved for generations. Our products are found in the cupboards and on the dinner tables of Kiwis from all walks of life, up and down the country. Meaning we’re there for all the moments in their lives – both everyday and special. We couldn’t be happier with how the new campaign brings this sentiment to life.”

From the classic bag of peas on a hurt knee to a unique tomato sauce application technique, the stories will run as standalone spots, as well as culminating in a hero TVC, celebrating the seemingly small, but very meaningful things New Zealanders do every day to feed the love.

ECD Peter Vegas commented, “It’s really exciting to be launching this new platform for one of New Zealand’s most iconic brands. And we couldn’t be happier with how the work has turned out. It’s such a lovely thought and has been delivered beautifully.”

Escape My House

This week sees the launch of Fire & Emergency NZ's ‘Escape Week,’ in partnership with FCB.

From the 8th to the 15th of February, Escape Week encourages New Zealanders to understand the very real risk of house fires and to create a plan for every member of the household to escape safely, in the event of fire.

The campaign focuses on why New Zealanders need an escape plan and how to create an escape plan.  Communications highlighting the fact that a house fire becomes un-survivable in less than 3 minutes, drive people to Fire & Emergency’s Escape Planning Tool. The step by step process points out potential blind spots in helping people to prepare their own life saving escape plan:

“Using our escape my house tool will make you think about important things that you may not have considered,” says National Advisor Fire Risk Management, Peter Gallagher. “Things like a second exit in case your normal exit is blocked, making sure you know where your keys are if doors are deadlocked and having a safe meeting place for everyone in your household.”

To support the campaign, FCB created a three-minute TVC, which uses a unique soundscape to tell the story of a family trying to escape a house fire and extended its use across radio as well. Partnering with TVNZ, FCB also delivered a first of its kind ad-break takeover. Smoke and flames fill what looks like a normal break of 30” spots from TVNZ and other FCB clients until smoke totally eclipses the screen – demonstrating the speed of fire and the importance of an escape plan.

In addition to the three minute ad takeovers, the promotion of Escape Week included:

  • A partnership with NZME, sharing a story of a real family losing a loved one to a housefire, plus a “Faces of Fire” article featuring NZers who have lost loved ones in a housefire and those who have escaped – to encourage NZers to make an escape plan themselves.
  • A partnership with TVNZ featuring book ends during Breakfast with Matty McLean speaking of the importance of escape plans, throughout Escape Week.
  • “720 word story” full page press ad – telling the story of a house fire breaking out in the middle of the night. The average person can read 720 words in three minutes; the amount of time a house fire can kill you.
  • “Escape the Paper” press executions – the story of a house fire which unfolds over several harrowing pages of the newspaper, helping to build the disorientation of being trapped in a house fire.
  • Digital and social elements – with thought-provoking questions such as ‘what if your way was blocked’?
  • 30” radio and Spotify partnership, exploring the speed of fire.

FCB Executive Creative Directors Peter Vegas and Leisa Wall said “We wanted to build on the work we created last year and thanks to the great opportunities our media people created for us we’ve been able to do that. We’re thrilled with the results.”

Just Smash

Bashing beets, smashing avo and butternutting up brunch with Kraft Heinz.

Just SmashTM is a new range of chunky dips created to help you get gorgeously gourmet any time of day, without needing to get the blender out.

We created a series of deliciously colourful images designed to hero the ingredients for maximum appetite appeal.

Which is your favourite?

Back to work

WorkSafe's latest campaign reminds Kiwis to stay vigilant as they return to work.

During lockdown, workplace accidents were down dramatically. WorkSafe NZ wanted to make sure we didn’t forget to keep up our health and safety practices once we all went back to work.

There’s a lot we’ve missed in New Zealand over the last couple of months; seeing friends and whānau, our beloved takeaways, and of course being at work. What we haven’t missed is the workplace incidents that injure or kill our workmates, friends and family.

During the lockdown and in the weeks since, WorkSafe have seen record low numbers of work-related harm. In April and May 2019, 19 people were killed in the workplace. At the end of May this year, two people have been fatally injured in April and May. Suggesting lockdown has saved lives in more ways than one.

WorkSafe Marketing and Communications Manager, Chris Green, says that as New Zealand looks to get our economy moving again by businesses returning to work, the risk of potential workplace injuries and fatalities will be heightened. For this reason WorkSafe launched a campaign encouraging all businesses and workers in New Zealand getting back to work to do so in a healthy and safe way.

“As New Zealanders return to work we want to show them what we missed, as well as the things we haven’t, the campaign seeks to remind all of us that we need to keep up the incredible work this team of five million has been putting in to protect our workmates, friends and whānau.”

The campaign wants to ensure New Zealanders are diligent as they return to work and keep an eye out for any risks that may impact their health and safety and speak up as soon as they notice them.

“It is really important that businesses and workers know to speak up if they see anything that may harm themselves or their workmates. We want to make sure people aren’t just focusing on the risk posed by COVID-19 but also the everyday risks in their workplaces to ensure they get home healthy and safe every day,” says Green.

The campaign features placements across television, radio, outdoor, online and social media.

Switch off before you walk off

Addressing the issue of unattended cooking with Josh Emett

Fire and Emergency New Zealand, together with renowned chef Josh Emett, address the main cause of house fires in New Zealand: unattended cooking. This issue is particularly relevant during NZ’s Level 4 lockdown timeframe, when the campaign was launched.