Feed the Love

Wattie’s latest brand campaign invites Kiwis to “feed the love” using their iconic products to deliver the message.

It’s a celebration of the little moments,” says ECD Leisa Wall. “We break bread with those we care about most and in that simple gesture, we say a lot. We might not literally speak the words ‘I care about you’, but we don’t have to. That moment and the offering of food says it all.”

The campaign tells a series of stories – each an affectionate moment between friends or family. And each very much a case of actions speaking louder than words. The characters leave a lot unsaid, but by switching out their well-known product labels for expressions of affection, Wattie’s let us in on what they’re really saying.

Wattie’s Head of Marketing, Kiri Hyde says, “Wattie’s has been known and loved for generations. Our products are found in the cupboards and on the dinner tables of Kiwis from all walks of life, up and down the country. Meaning we’re there for all the moments in their lives – both everyday and special. We couldn’t be happier with how the new campaign brings this sentiment to life.”

From the classic bag of peas on a hurt knee to a unique tomato sauce application technique, the stories will run as standalone spots, as well as culminating in a hero TVC, celebrating the seemingly small, but very meaningful things New Zealanders do every day to feed the love.

ECD Peter Vegas commented, “It’s really exciting to be launching this new platform for one of New Zealand’s most iconic brands. And we couldn’t be happier with how the work has turned out. It’s such a lovely thought and has been delivered beautifully.”

Just Smash

Bashing beets, smashing avo and butternutting up brunch with Kraft Heinz.

Just SmashTM is a new range of chunky dips created to help you get gorgeously gourmet any time of day, without needing to get the blender out.

We created a series of deliciously colourful images designed to hero the ingredients for maximum appetite appeal.

Which is your favourite?