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Unlocking the joy of reading in a world of digital devices.



Over half of Mexico’s school children won’t finish a single book outside class this year. Yet, many will spend up to four hours a day playing on a smart device – found in over a quarter of all Mexican homes. This is a big problem for Mexico and book publishers alike.

Cengage Learning, one of the world’s largest education publishers, together with National Geographic Learning, had an idea.


ReadOn is an app which lets parents turn every session on a device into reading time.

Each time a child turns on their device, instead of seeing the home screen, they see the page of a children’s book. And to get to the home screen, they have to read it.

When they’re finished reading the page (or more pages if they choose), they answer a simple question and the device is unlocked, with the following page saved for next time.

All the while, parents can track progress via their phones – how much they’re reading, how fast, and how long they’re spending on the device. Should a child especially enjoy a book, they can ‘heart’ it to notify parents, who can buy the book straight from the app.

All this data is collected by Cengage learning and use to show educators how engagement levels in children can be improved with their reading materials.


ReadOn is available to over 23 million children in Mexico, for free.

Online store traffic is up over 200% since launch.

Almost every child has read multiple pages in a session.

Cengage in currently bringing ReadOn to schools nationwide through their in-school reps.

According to Martha Avila – Cengage Learning Coordinator, “ReadOn has already given our company a huge advantage over our competitors in schools.”