Vodafone - Marooned for mates

Eight days stranded at sea. Now that’s a good mate.

Vodafone was launching a new sub-brand, Vodafone Mates, aimed at the youth market. Knowing that your mates are your life when you’re young, we built the sub-brand around the idea of mateship, and the lengths you’d go to for them. To put this to the ultimate test, we went out in search of NZ’s Best Best Mate. Someone who’d maroon themselves on a puny barge in Auckland’s Harbour, all so their mates could party it up in Fiji. Longer they stayed, the longer their mates would. Through a promo on Radio, Social, Digital, TV, and Outdoor we found Meg, our BFF and all round GC. She managed to tough it out for eight days, amongst rank challenges and a weather bomb.

New Zealand could engage in Meg’s sacrifice 24/7, through a barge live stream, hourly radio updates and daily social media posts and videos from her and her mates in Fiji. Kiwis could banter with Meg directly, sending messages of support, blankets and even the odd ginger nut. The media loved our BFF too, picking up a prime-time segment on TV3’s Story, articles on Stuff.co.nz, student mags, and other publications.

And through Vodafone Mates, Meg’s sacrifice reminded Kiwis why we love our mates so much.