Sony was launching a new range of EXTRA BASS speakers. Our challenge was to demonstrate this added bass in an emotionally engaging and sharable way to appeal to a young, savvy audience – one that wouldn’t respond to traditional advertising.


We showed that the EXTRA BASS speaker is so powerful, you can feel the music.

To do this, we told the story of Macy Baez, a dancer born profoundly deaf, who moves by feeling the bass.

We composed an original bass-heavy music track, especially for Macy. Then we shot a music video, and released it to the world.

The video was supported by additional backstory content, giving us further opportunities to emotionally connect with our audience and reinforce the authenticity of our project. The project climaxed in a surprise meeting with her idol, world famous choreographer, Parris Goebel.


Over 3 million views in the first week.

3/4 of Australasia’s youth (18-24 yo) engaged with the campaign.

319% increase in sales.