Why Change?

Mitre 10 launched their MEGA format of big-box stores in 2004, with the proposition that “Big is Good”. However 10 years on, with most Mitre 10 sales now being generated through MEGA stores and competitors building large format stores too, Big is no longer such a relevant point of difference.

Mitre 10 needed to reinvigorate the ‘big store’ message, differentiate from the competition and cement their leadership position in home improvement retail. With an understanding that Kiwis want help improving their homes, we set out to communicate Mitre 10 MEGA’s rich store offering whilst cementing their place in the hearts and minds of Kiwi DIYers.

What Changed?

A distinctive brand campaign for Mitre 10 that taps into the emotion Kiwis feel for DIY and connects then with an extremely DIY-moment and occasion most people thing about at least 52 times a year – the weekend. Everyone loves the weekend. It’s when we can do whatever we want, and it’s when most Kiwis get stuck into DIY. Our brand campaign brought alive the proposition “Bring on the Weekend” and celebrates Kiwis and their DIY attitude.

Through ownership of the weekend Mitre 10 can communicate the total store experience, highlighting their wide-reaching capabilities across many categories of home improvement, DIY and Trade offering.