Audi Quattro Bistro

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Audi New Zealand created the first ever quattro bistro, a pop up glass restaurant set at high altitude in the Pisa Range in the Southern Alps, New Zealand.

Open for one day only during the Audi Quattro Winter Games, and set on an ice track, 20 lucky New Zealanders won a seat at the bistro through an Audi test drive competition, and were hosted by celebrity chef, Simon Gault, experiencing his specially designed menu for the event.

But there was an epic twist – there was no kitchen at the restaurant. All food had to be delivered by “Quattro waiters” – Audi RS4’s which delivered the food at high speeds from a kitchen located across the mountain range.

The challenge? Deliver the food to the bistro on time, piping hot and still on the plate (or in the pot!) while reaching speeds of up to 160kmph.


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