Air New Zealand - Domestic Seats Campaign

Why Change?

In a highly aggressive market, Air New Zealand had to reset it’s domestic fares to appeal to a wide set of travellers. Faced with the potential perception of a complex array of options, how could we engage the flying audience so they could relate to the simplicity of the new domestic fares?

What Changed?

TNS monitoring revealed 38% of travellers were aware of the changes to the Domestic seats options after one month, with awareness driven equally by Email and TV advertising, and 89% of them understood they key message. Most important was a 5% increase in people thinking that Air NZ is NZs best domestic airline.

The Domestic Seats commercial took out the June 2014 Colmar Brunton Ad Impact Award. The research company said it was not only impactful for viewers, but scored the highest of all the ads that month in terms of branding and persuasiveness.