Vodafone - #1SecondWeather

Why change?
Our key challenge for 2015 was to connect with the hearts and minds of New Zealanders, establishing a clear number one position as the (perceived) best network in NZ and increasing brand consideration. This brief focused on the later part of the challenge. In particular we wanted to connect with regional NZ, leveraging local pride to demonstrate our network prowess in a ‘show’ not ‘tell’ way. This would then be amplified to the rest of NZ.

What changed?
We partnered with TVNZ, buying 15″ TV spots which would play on weekdays, directly before the ONE news weather. Then we put the call out to New Zealanders to get themselves and their town on TV by recording a short weather report and sharing it on Instagram or Twitter. TVNZ took our curated content each day at 3pm and made spots featuring real weather reports from real people from all around New Zealand.