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We have a proven track record of creating change through long-term communication campaigns for leading New Zealand brands and a number of government agencies.

VTNZ Road Commander

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Mitre 10 Roy – Kong’s Out Again

Vodafone The Future According to You

Pak'nSave Stickman’s 10 Year Anniversary

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Our media capability is one of New Zealand’s largest and most highly awarded media agencies in its own right.

It uniquely exists at the intersection between creativity, technology and insight to deliver media solutions that create change.

Powered by IPG’s global tools and technology and the creative spirit of FCB, FCB Media is redefining the media agency model for the connected world.

Mercury The Great Escape

Mitre 10 Number 8

Fire and Emergency New Zealand Made from Remains

Volkswagen Tiguan

Maritime NZ Virtual Coastguard


This dedicated projects team focuses on using interactive and emerging technology to help clients change the consumer experience and connect more effectively with customer needs.

This team is guided by insights to develop customer experiences that solve problems for consumers. At their best these solutions focus on providing utility and a more engaging experience.

Ministry of Education Oat the Goat

Mercury The Great Escape

Fire and Emergency New Zealand Escape My House

The Reserve Bank Brighter Money

Fire and Emergency New Zealand Made from Remains

HPA The Journal


More than 85% of New Zealanders own a smartphone. Its importance in the marketing mix is undeniable.

At FCB we don’t just think mobile first we think channel relevant. Therefore, through our proprietary approach, we create mobile experiences that truly engage our audience and encourage behaviour change.

Testicular Cancer NZ #GoBallsOut

Maritime NZ Virtual Coastguard


Relationship and automated marketing are vital to help businesses acquire, retain or grow customer value.

We have a team with leading industry experience across strategic relationship marketing, automated marketing, data analytics and creative.

Ministry of Education Oat the Goat

Testicular Cancer NZ #GoBallsOut

Vodafone Fantastic Fridays

PR and Activation

In a connected world, the power of earned media has never been more powerful.

We offer one of New Zealand’s most recognised full service consumer and corporate Public Relations teams. This in-house team can concept, produce, manage and amplify experiences to ensure maximum impact.

Mercury The Great Escape

Prime The Human Serengeti

Testicular Cancer NZ #GoBallsOut

Audi Audi Quattro Bistro

Fire and Emergency New Zealand Escape My House


Shoppers aren’t the same as consumers. They consider and shop brands with specific tasks in mind. To help them succeed at their tasks, businesses require different insights and solutions to meet shopper needs.

Our retail team works with large-scale New Zealand retailers, also drawing on the experience and best practice from FCB Red in Chicago, FCB’s global centre of excellence for shopper marketing.

Mitre 10 Easy As

Pak'nSave New Zealand Made Week


Big or small data is everywhere. It’s the places you go, the things you do, when, why, and how you do them.

At FCB we’re passionate about leveraging the power of data to fuel ideas, drive decisions, and ultimately deliver measurable results for our clients. Benefiting from our fully integrated model we’re uniquely positioned to put data front and center from the very start; from strategy development and creative ideation, to media optimization, CX design, and CRM.

With dedicated in-house platforms, analytics and systems specialists, and backing from FCB Global’s technology and expertise, we find a way to extract value from data to deliver the behaviour change a business needs.

Vodafone Fantastic Fridays

Volkswagen Tiguan

Customer Experience Design

FCB’s Customer Experience design team brings your brand promise to life at every step of your customers’ journey.

By applying FCB’s expert knowledge of behaviour change principles we can help businesses unlock greater value by increasing sales and creating preference for your brand.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand Escape My House

HPA The Journal

Customer Experience Design


The Hive is FCB’s agile content service team that allows clients to develop, produce and deliver audio visual and static content fast and cost-effectively. The team distributes the content across digital channels and can manage paid media spend to support a client’s objectives.

Samsung Get Over Your X

Vodafone DreamLab

Mitre 10 Number 8

Water Safety New Zealand Swim Reaper

Vodafone #4GRedline


Design builds brand experiences well beyond the point where advertising ideas stop. From brand identity to environmental design to collateral comms and everything in between, FCB Design creates visual and visceral ideas that complement and enhance a brand’s appeal, and influence people’s behaviours.

The Reserve Bank Brighter Money

HPA The Lowdown

Vodafone Tuam Street

Most Effective Agency of the Year

There were celebrations all round at the 2017 NZ Effie Awards as FCB New Zealand and their clients brought home a total of 12 Golds, 2 Silvers and 11 Bronzes; along with the Grand Effie, Most Effective Client of the Year and Most Effective Agency of the Year.

Murray Streets, General Manager of Innovation and Strategy commented on the success, “We are thrilled at the recognition from the judges for the breadth and depth of work across our clients. We’re particularly proud of the outcome with this year’s emphasis on long-term results. A huge thank you to our clients for committing to making the case for effectiveness on their work.”

2017 NZ Effie Awards – FCB New Zealand results:

Mercury – Energy Made Wonderful
Grand Effie, Gold – Best Strategic Thinking, Gold – Most Effective Integrated Campaign, Gold – Consumer Services
Rebranding a company that sells an invisible product is hard, particularly when it is in a grudge-purchase category where apathy rules. It was time to do something profoundly differentiating and long-term.
Mercury’s new brand ‘Energy Made Wonderful’ achieved or exceeded every objective – customer retention, staff engagement, brand scores, company performance, acquisition; – all in under a year.
Mercury now enjoys the lowest churn rate amongst the top 5 retailers, and is #1 for net customer gain in arguably the world’s most competitive electricity market.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand – Escape My House/Made From Remains

Most Effective Client of the Year

Escape My House
Gold – Social Marketing/Public Service, Gold – Most Effective Integrated Campaign, Gold – Most Effective Use of Digital Technology, Gold – Best Strategic Thinking, Gold – Most Progressive Campaign
Fire and Emergency New Zealand needed a cost-effective way to motivate New Zealand households to make detailed escape plans at a scale not possible with existing approaches.
‘Escape My House’ is the interactive VR experience that puts thousands of people inside a real house fire, then seamlessly guides them through the process of making a detailed escape plan.
Within three months of launching, the campaign more than doubled the number of people engaged in making escape plans, at less than 47% of the cost of existing approaches.

Made From Remains
Bronze – Most Effective PR/Experiential Campaign, Bronze – Social Marketing/Public Service
To prompt smoke alarm checking we put the feeling of what it’s like to lose your house in a fire, directly into people’s hands. Exploiting the tangible nature of news-print we evoked the smell and feel of a house gutted by fire using the actual ashes of local homes to tell our stories.
The campaign drove 61% of New Zealanders to check their smoke alarms and the biggest spike in daily smoke alarms sales followed.

Testicular Cancer New Zealand – Go Balls Out

Gold – Charity/Not for Profit, Gold – Limited Budget: less than $100,000, Gold – Most Effective Social Campaign
Testicular Cancer had dropped off the radar of New Zealand males aged 15-39. This could be potentially fatal. We needed to get it back into conversation. A challenging task with an audience who typically shy away from discussing their health.
Using a humorous exercise challenge we started a conversation whilst giving Kiwis an easy way to do something to prevent testicular cancer in a non-threatening manner.
The campaign captivated our audience generating a huge PR media value, a 48% increase in checking for Testicular Cancer and even saving a life.

Air New Zealand – Great Mates
Bronze – Retail/Etail
With its main competitor focusing on price, Air New Zealand saw an opportunity to combine the power of its brand with an innovative retail approach to drive sales for the business.
Against the backdrop of the Olympics (more than 2272.86 km away), we leveraged a long-standing brand sponsorship to evoke national pride – and turned it into action.

European Motor Distributors – Tiguan

Bronze – Consumer Durables, Bronze – Best Use of Data, Bronze – Best Use of Digital Technology
When we were tasked with relaunching an eight-year-old SUV in the traditionally TV-based automotive category, with only one European TVC and a limited budget; we knew we needed to shift the battleground.
So, we decided to intercept car buyers during the online research phase of their purchase journey, with the largest mass-personalisation digital campaign to run in NZ to date.
By repurposing the TVC into dynamic ads that matched the right car features to the buyer’s needs, we achieved far higher levels of media engagement. And delivered 49% more sales than targeted.

Flight Centre New Zealand – Gifts That Go Places

Silver – Most Progressive Campaign, Bronze – Best Use of Data, Bronze – Limited Budget: less than $100,000, Bronze – Retail/Etail
To drive growth in the hardest week of the year for travel retailers, we brought together multiple partners and datasets – creating NZ’s most advanced dynamic sales prompt, and driving unseasonal travel purchases for Flight Centre.
The result was a major commercial success. It’s also been exported across the Flight Centre global network as an example of how to unlock new travel audiences.

Maritime New Zealand – Nudging Towards a New Normal

Gold – Sustained Success
In order get to more boaties wearing lifejackets and ultimately save lives we had to create a long-term strategy. We used likeable metaphors and subtle messaging: ‘nudging’ boaties, throughout their journey to the water. We sustained success by adding nudges, year on year, right out onto boats – the ultimate behaviour-change moment.
With more boaties in lifejackets than ever before (80% now saying they’re wearing one) it’s changed from being a ‘decision’, to being a normal part of boating.

Inland Revenue – Finding the Unfindable

Silver – Sustained Success
‘Finding the Unfindable’ is a highly innovative data-driven media approach that targets overseas-based borrowers who are defaulting on their student loan payments.
After seeing huge Effie-winning success in year one, it’s now in its third year. Continual data optimisation and message refinement have delivered outstanding results, improving over time.

Water Safety New Zealand – Swim Reaper

Bronze – Social Marketing/Public Service, Bronze – Most Effective Social Campaign
Young New Zealand men disproportionately make up more than a third of preventable drownings in New Zealand. This needed addressing.
Using an unconventional spokesperson across social media channels we shocked young men to take note of our water safety message and change their behaviour.
The campaign resulted in an impressive engagement rate of 81% but more importantly drownings totalled zero during the campaign period.

Vodafone New Zealand – My Flex Prepay

Finalist – New Product or Service
To regain momentum and growth in the mobile prepay market, Vodafone developed a whole new way to buy prepay: the My Flex prepay plan. But all great innovation needs effective communications to drive demand. People need to know all about it and what makes it different, fast.
The My Flex campaign cut-through in the market, drove numbers on the new plan above target and transformed the way people buy prepay plans.