What we do

Changing consumer behaviour is not possible with a ‘lone Guru’ attitude. It requires a collaborative partnership between client and agency – and more often than not, an integrated communications solution involving multiple disciplines.

Easily said, hard to do.

So why do marketers find it so challenging to get a cohesive, integrated recommendation from their agencies? We believe it’s because there is little integration at the heart of the structure of those agencies.

At FCB, we remove all the barriers to finding the most effective solution for our clients’ problems, by operating with a single P&L across all our services. This corrects any bias towards any particular discipline. Whatever works best, works. Our culture is collaborative to a fault – we believe co-creation with our clients and external agency partners is essential for delivering success.

And being good at delivering effective integrated solutions means having best-in-class services right here at FCB. Beyond the essential strategic planning and creative services, our specialist disciplines include media planning and buying, social media, digital, direct, public relations, community engagement and brand activation.

All of these specialist services are driven by award-winning teams who have been recognised with Best in Show accolades over the last 5 years – in effectiveness, creativity, media, social media, direct, digital and PR award shows, in New Zealand and internationally, winning FCB “Agency of the Year” in 2008 and 2010, “Media Agency of the Year” in 2007, 2009 and 2011, “Most Effective Agency” in 2011 and 2014, and “Campaign Brief Creative Agency of the Year” in 2014.

We also understand that some clients do not require our full integrated offering. Some choose to use individual disciplines.

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Strategy and Planning

Creating change demands knowing what to change – so strategic planning is a crucial focus in terms of resource and role in the agency processes.

A team of Senior Planners supports our Planning Director, along with a specialist research coordinator responsible for running The Insiders™, our proprietary consumer research tool. Further tools for analysis and the team’s Social Media experts also provide invaluable sources of real-time insights.

Together our planners provide strategic support to client marketing teams, and are directly involved in all major brand and communication projects.


Great advertising creativity has always been about great ideas. It’s just that these no longer have to be simply ‘advertising ideas’.

In our new attention economy we have to develop ideas that go beyond impressions. We need ideas that create engagement; ideas that get people involved, engender a reaction and – even better –stimulate action, to create real change.

That’s why our creative people sit in one group. Writers, art directors, interactive technologists, direct developers, designers – no walls, no boundaries. Only ideas born from a willingness to collaborate and to explore possibilities.


Design is the delicate balance of ideas, aesthetics, form and function. But the most important, yet often overlooked element is human.

The best design is that which has a positive influence on people’s lives.
So we put the ‘human element’ at the heart of everything we do.

From large-scale Brand Identity projects to Digital experiences, we lead with strategic design-thinking to deliver effective and measureable results.


There’s one sure way to deliver profitable behaviour change for our clients’ businesses: leverage a powerful combination of consumer and data insights to ensure the right message is delivered, at the right time, through the right channel.

We use a combination of on- and offline channel strategies allowing our work to help acquire and retain customers – as well as grow their value, through the development of data driven relationship marketing programmes. It’s all about connecting our clients’ brands with their most valuable customers – existing or new – at the most effective point in their purchase decision journey.

Our team has extensive experience, including integrated strategic relationship marketing, loyalty marketing strategy, email marketing strategy and implementation, testing, measurement and evaluation planning.


There’s a team of passionate experts at FCB immersed in digital creativity and development all day, every day, operating at the pace of change – yet you’ll find that same team is solidly connected to the real world thanks to our uniquely collaborative and silo-free culture.

That’s because we’ve built our team around the smartest and most communicative developers, producers, designers and creatives we can find. People who listen hard to their clients and their colleagues, and who believe in long-term relationships in a traditionally short-view discipline.

You can see the connections everywhere. From the complex depths of the content management systems we use and the mobile and social Apps we develop, right through to the simplest banner ads and email templates we deploy, we pride ourselves on building and delivering the best for our clients.

And the more we do in the digital space, the more we discover we can do – to create entirely new experiences that drive change; to test and refine the experiences we create; to build all those new and shiny things with the trusted power of Direct and CRM strategies and tactics; and even to develop new technologies that enhance the way we do what we do.


In today’s rapidly evolving media and technology landscape it’s easy to forget that it’s people and their behaviour that change business.

That’s why our approach to media puts people first. Not channels. Not technology. Not gadgets. Not gizmos. People.

This informs our structure, our services, our approach to communication planning and even where media fits in the total communication process.

At FCB we integrate media into the wider agency in a unique way, meaning consumer, channel and technology insights are fused into the strategic and creative process. This creates the type of holistic, integrated communication capable of marrying the message with the moment to create real change.

We employ over 50 full time media professionals across all media disciplines and in its own right the team is the 3rd largest and most highly awarded media agency in New Zealand.

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Public Relations

At FCB PR we can help you uncover and develop intriguing, media friendly stories about a brand, shift entrenched perceptions, manage a tricky situation, or create engaging experiences for consumers that help you meet your objectives.

PR can provide a highly effective standalone communications solution, or make up part of an integrated campaign. We’re flexible and adaptable – tailoring ideas to meet specific business requirements.

We can provide a range of PR services as a suite, or as required – from strategic PR planning and media relations, through to specific brand or product launches, product placement, experiential work, and celebrity endorsement. We manage press trips, organise events of all sizes, and are experts at sponsorship leverage.