Vodafone and FCB focus on the future, now

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Vodafone has released the next stage of their brand story via FCB New Zealand.

This phase follows last year’s evolution of the brand’s positioning, which was launched with the ‘Hello’ campaign.

Nileema Allerston, Manager Network Brand, Vodafone, said, “We’re thrilled to announce the next phase of our brand story, which focuses on the future today – with a distinctly New Zealand flavour.

“Everyone has a different view of their future. Their hopes, their dreams and the things they want to do. But the future isn’t years away, it’s happening right now. With today’s extraordinary technologies, people are living their lives in ways that were inconceivable ten years ago,” she said.

The campaign’s two hero TVCs are designed to entertain and connect with New Zealanders by showing humorous, slice-of-life moments that everyone can relate to. They demonstrate how technology makes life more productive and enjoyable.

James Mok, FCB’s Chief Creative Officer, said, “Technology is at the centre of people’s lives today and we want Vodafone to be the celebrators of making lives better. It’s been a great opportunity to take Vodafone’s global platform and tell it from a distinctly New Zealand perspective.”

The two spots are the first in a series of TVCs and other broader communications that will be released over the coming months. The campaign will be the first major piece of work delivered by Vodafone’s new media agency, Wavemaker, since they were appointed in April.

Delina Shields, Head of Brand, Vodafone, said, “The team at Vodafone is committed to enriching Kiwi lives through tech today, so we can help pave the way for an exciting future for New Zealand. We look forward to bringing this philosophy to life through our marketing communications.”

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