Tom Sainsbury transforms into smoke alarm for Fire and Emergency NZ campaign

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FCB New Zealand enlisted the talents of popular Kiwi funnyman, Thomas Sainsbury, for a new Fire and Emergency New Zealand campaign.

The initiative, which consisted of fifteen unique 15” and 30” videos for TV and online, saw Sainsbury ‘face swap’ with a smoke alarm, barbeque, frying pan and mouse. The concept was a twist on the comedian’s recent political impersonations which he films using Snapchat. Each variation started with a comical skit followed by the campaign’s important message of checking your household’s smoke alarms.

Mel Weddell, from Fire and Emergency New Zealand said, “In over 80% of fatal fires, smoke alarms are either not installed or not working. It is vital that we continue to drive awareness around the importance of checking and replacing them. This campaign has allowed us to deliver the message in a different way which will hopefully urge more people into action.”

The campaign was launched over the weekend to coincide with daylight saving. Checking your smoke alarms when you change your clocks has become a Kiwi tradition and is an association that Fire and Emergency New Zealand is keen to continue.

Senior Creative at FCB New Zealand, Murray Watt commented on the timing of the campaign, When election night hijacked daylight saving, we hijacked election night coverage with a groundbreaking, disruptive, fully integrated, trans-media communication platform – a talking smoke alarm.”

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