One year on: Mercury campaign boosts e.bike interest

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The second phase of Mercury's brand campaign celebrates the success story of e.bikes in New Zealand since the 2016 launch.

The second phase of Mercury’s brand campaign has been released following the success of last year’s launch, which championed e.bikes to demonstrate ‘Energy Made Wonderful’. The campaign continues to emphasise the brand’s purpose to inspire New Zealanders to enjoy energy in more wonderful ways.

E.bike success from the last year:
• Mercury partnered with e.bike retailers to offer customers up to $500 off their purchase
• The number of e.bikes sold in New Zealand has doubled
• A recent survey suggests 2 million Kiwis love the idea of e.bikes

The launch campaign demonstrated ‘Energy Made Wonderful’ – turning New Zealand’s hilly land flat, simply by powering an e.bike.

Mercury’s Head of Marketing, Ben Harvey-Lovell said, “We wanted to make people think about electricity differently, to think about all the wonderful things it helps them to do. Something that they would remember, and inspire them to be part of Mercury.”

Tony Clewett, Executive Creative Director at FCB New Zealand commented on working with Mercury, “It’s exciting for us to work with an energy company that’s actually passionate about energy. New Zealand seems to think so too.”

Not only has the campaign encouraged increased loyalty amongst Mercury’s customers, it has also drawn attention to e.bikes. Highlighting the mode of transport has helped boost interest with sales in New Zealand doubling over the last year.

The new campaign will add another layer, building on the success of the initial e.bike campaign. Consisting of a 30 second TVC (with two 15 second cut downs) and simple banner ads, the campaign celebrates the success story of e.bikes in New Zealand since the 2016 launch.

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