Digital Life in NZ

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TNS’s recently-released (November 2011) Digital Life study provides some useful insights into how Kiwis spend their time online:

  • 39% of our time is spent on Entertainment (including multimedia, online gaming & shopping)
  • 34% Communications (social networking and email)
  • 22% Information (pre-purchase research, knowledge & education, news, sport and weather)
  • 7% Management (personal admin, planning & organising)

The Digital Life global study also reveals that we tend to be behind other countries in terms of the devices that we use to access the internet (other than PCs):

  NZ Australia Global
Mobile 26% 37% 36%
Tablet 4% 10% 5%
TV set 2% 5% 3%
Games console 7% 11% 4%


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