1000 Hours Project



FCB would like to thank all the organisations that submitted an application for the 1000 Hours project. We were overwhelmed by the response and so impressed by all of the applications. There are so many organisations doing such positive work, which made it very difficult to select one over another. However, in our selection we’ve had to consider not only the proposed initiatives that each organisation outlined, but also where we think FCB can make the most difference – based on the services we provide.

We are now very excited to announce the recipient of the 1000 Hours is the Great Potentials Foundation.

For over 20 years Great Potentials has worked to help children, young people and families to flourish. They have created the Family Service Centre model; introduced HIPPY- Home Interaction Programme for Parents and Youngsters – and established it in 36 communities; they have introduced MATES – Mentoring and Tutoring Education Scheme; and have successfully advocated for the introduction of Family Start, now in 32 communities.

We are honoured to partner with an organisation that is focused on solutions and committed to positive change.

If you would like to read more about Great Potentials please visit their website: http://www.greatpotentials.org.nz

We will continue to post updates here as we progress through the project.

We’re donating 1000 hours to help stop child abuse

The people working at FCB feel very strongly about the disturbing levels of child abuse in New Zealand. But strong feelings alone don’t create change, so we’ve decided to do something. It’s a very big and complex problem, and we know that one advertising agency won’t achieve much on its own. But if we can give a boost to an existing, dedicated, long-term organisation, and help that organisation act as an inspiring example to others, then we believe we can make a difference. That’s why we’re donating 1000 hours of our communications expertise to the organisation (or organisations) that can best show us how they can use it to help protect New Zealand’s children.

How we can help

FCB is one of New Zealand’s largest full-service advertising agencies. ‘Full-service’ means we have the in-house capability to help you develop all types of communications ranging from print, radio, outdoor and TV to online, direct marketing, PR, events and stake-holder engagement – or any combination of the above. We also have media experts that can provide advice on where and how to place those communications to reach the appropriate audience as efficiently and effectively as possible.

What we did

We advertised in the NZ Herald and The Listener, calling for applications from organisations that were already doing something about child abuse. Our criteria were simple; reducing child abuse did not have to be their primary aim, but it would be a very real result of their activities. They needed to have the people with the necessary skills and motivations. They had to be organized, in it for the long haul and clear about their objectives. They did not have to be large or tackling the entire problem. But they needed to be able to make a difference.

The Selection Process

A team of four senior FCB personnel reviewed all applications. We are grateful for the help of guest expert Dr Russell Wills* who also reviewed the finalists and helped us make our short-list. The short list consisted of three organisations, which were interviewed.

*Dr Russell Wills has been New Zealand’s Children’s Commissioner since July 2011 and continues to work part time as a pediatrician in Hastings. He has a Master of Public Health degree and his clinical interests are in general pediatrics, child protection and children with severe behaviour disturbance. He sees many children suffering from the effects of abuse and neglect, and has contributed to national guidelines and projects on family violence, child abuse and medical aspects of children in Child, Youth and Family care.

Examples of our work

FCB works with all types of client organisations, and in many different ways. To give you a sense of how we think and work, below are three examples of large-scale social change campaigns we have created:

Click here to see the full FCB story along with more examples of our work.

Want to help us help?

If your business provides relevant services such as media and production that could also help the successful applicant then we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us at the email address below.

All enquiries

Please email us at 1000hoursproject@draftfcb.com